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Here are some of  the XT500 and Thumper links I've found on the web.

XT500 Links In the US:
The Thumper PageGreat site for finding info on your Thumper
Uncle Don's XTGreat XT story at the Thumper page.
Thumper Stuff:  The Ultimate Yamaha 500 parts place (XT, TT, SR, SRX)
The VJMC:  The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
Vintage Dirt and Trail:   Used parts for '68-'81 Yamaha only.
YAMAHA:  Here's where you can see the latest XTs from Yamaha
Dirtbikes Online:  Dirtbikes at
Baja DesignsA great place to get enduro, excuse me, "Dual Sport" stuff
Moose OffroadIf you still ride an XT500, then you must wear Moose!
1976 TT500Check out this heavily modified TT500!
XT Family Page:   XT550 images and some XT500 history.
The Yamaha SR500 Page:  Great info on the road version Yamaha 500


XT500 Links around the World:
XT500 PageCool XT500 site in German.   Has some nice pictures.
James Bond:    Yamaha XT500 in James Bond movie
Film ClipHere's a film clip of an XT500 in a James Bond movie!
XT500 Fan ClubHere is the XT500 Fan Club in France.
XT500 ClubThe XT500 club in Hamburg Germany from Tom Zuendel
Bjorns XT Page:  Another German XT500 site. (Part of the Hamburg Club?)
Martin F. Schlögl:   Virtual oldtimer-museum with an XT500
Matthead's XT.RexGood page with some nice XT images
The SRX-600 Page:  Great SRX site in the U.K.
The XT DoctorGreat XT site in Holland.
XT Africa:  Motorcycle tours from South Africa to Malawi on XT500s!


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