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XT500 Pictorial History
Modified XT and TT500

This is my best attempt at a pictorial history of the Yamaha XT500. If there are any errors that you know of, please e-mail me with the correct information and if possible the correct image.

US Production


European Production

1976 XT500C


1976 XT500C

xt76.jpg (22000 bytes)This is the original XT500 made for the U.S. that started the rich XT heritage of reliable 4-stroke enduros.

  xt76.jpg (22000 bytes)The original XT500 was produced for the USA only and imported into Europe on a limited basis.

1977 XT500D


1977 XT500D

xt77.jpg (20552 bytes)This is the brown '77 XT.  Brown!  What were they thinking!?!   xt77eur.jpg (19232 bytes)This is the 1st full-fledged version to hit the European market. Note the new skidplate and headpipe.

1978 XT500E


1978 XT500E

xt78.jpg (19432 bytes)The '78 U.S. model sported the first polished aluminum tank.  Note the addition of black fork gators in '78.

  xt78eur.jpg (29308 bytes)The European '78 XT had a new red and white color scheme. Note the addition of black fork gators in '78.

1979 XT500F


1979 XT500F

xt79us.jpg (20225 bytes)The '79 model added new rubber turn signals and a kick start indicator.

  XT79eur.jpg (20371 bytes)

1980 XT500G


1980 XT500G

Picture not available   xt80.jpg (24872 bytes)Here is a picture of '80 XT500 from Sweden.

1981 XT500H


1981-1985 XT500H

xt81us.jpg (14327 bytes)This was the final production version of the XT500 in the United States.   xt81-85.jpg (13117 bytes)The XT changed little from '81-'85.  Notice the rear fender and taillight change.
Out of Production  

1986-1989 XT500

xt86-89.jpg (16805 bytes)Again, there was little change for the XT from 86-89.  Note the newer style rims.

Modified Versions of XT and TT500

hl5002.jpg (58660 bytes)

HL500 Yamaha - Aberg Thumper

Rm400N framed TT/SR/XT. It's a Budget Aberg replica. It has: ohlins shocks, YZ400 36mm carb, 90mm piston kit, Aberg style shorty exhaust and Alloy 2.8lt oil tank.
Jaimie Dixon --Australia

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