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I'm a Thumper Convert!

"You know, I'll never buy another 2-stroke.  I can't believe I said that!   I grew up on Yamaha 2-stroke machines!  The summer of 1969 my friend across the street got a brand-new Yamaha Mini Enduro.  He let me ride it a few times and I was hooked!  The next summer I saved up a whopping $175.00 and bought my first bike, a used 1969 Yamaha Enduro 90.  It was a funny yellow-orange color, but I loved that bike!  From there I rode other Yamaha 2-stroke machines and never considered a 4-stroke.  That all changed last year when I rode my father-in-laws old Yamaha XT500C! After the first ride my brother-in-law said I had perm-a-grin!  I loved the sound of the XT, the vibration, and I especially loved the low-end pull!  The old XT just has a great feel to it.  Ya know . . . that's when it hit me, size does matter!   I'm talking pistons here and I'll never go back.  Well, I acquired the old XT from my father-in-law last year and have had a lot of fun fixing it up.  My wife thinks I'm obessing over it and maybe that's why I built this web site, but in reality I think I'm just enjoying my conversion to thumpers.  In a couple years, when I look for a new bike, you can bet it will be a 4-stroke, but for now I'm having fun with this classic old thumper!

"When you're 16 you do stupid things like flying 30 feet through the air in the dead of winter, on a 1975 Yamaha DT175 Enduro that has 2.5 inches of rear travel, with virtually no protective gear except for your Adidas Superstars and open-faced helmet!"

(Picture taken in the field behind our house in Boise, Idaho in December of 1976.)

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